Selected Works


« She speaks to us of the human in an unrecognizable, uncomfortable syntax which, step by step, insensibly brings out the visible of itself, with the tip of the knife, at the edge of the shadow … Violence and softness, accidents of life or thirst for the absolute, barks of beings in the hollow of torment: her radical writing with the light is one of those which can be recognized at first sight, prints durably on our yes, insinuates itself slowly, in depth. »
Emmanuel d’Autreppe.

EXTRACTS  from / B&W / Cendres 2004-2009 / Hosanna, short tales from Israel and Palestine 2009 / MotherLand 2009-2012 / Swan Song Part I  2013 / Short tales from Cambodia 2014 / Swan Song Part II 2015 / Short tales from Kosovo 2016 / Short tales from New-York 2017 / 1010 South Station Project 2018 / COLOR / Gipsy Familly, Winter 2001 /Walking after Midnight 2000-2004 / Plus ou Moins l’Infini 2013-2014